More than Calla

Catch the happiness

With ‘More than Calla’,  Vis Calla is pushing the boundaries in terms of exclusivity, selection and calyx size. Developed for anyone that wants to offer their customers special moments. Moments of happiness!

‘Happiness’ is synonymous with Calla. Throughout history, the flower has been linked to celebrations and pleasure. Since then this extraordinary calyx flower is believed to attract happiness, to bring happiness. And this is still true today. Because with More than Calla you can present Calla in its most stunning form!

The happiness of More than Calla

  • Vis Calla’s most superior flower segment
  • Strict selection of: calyx colour, calyx size, stem thickness and straightness (100% straight)
  • Only available by order and specially selected for you in the greenhouse
  • Available in sizes of 60 to 100 cm

Share some happiness with Vis Calla

Your target group demands more. More exclusivity. More innovation. More beauty. More than Calla enables you to stand out from the competition with your assortment. Supplied by a Calla grower that offers new opportunities for a flower that embodies emotion. Vis Calla wishes you lots of success with your sales!

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Design: Mangoa | Realisation: FEITS