The Calla is a splendid flower with an unusual trumpet-like shape. The thing that is most striking about this beautiful, strong flower is the splendid stylized calyx which is actually a petal growing serenely and stately from the stem. The Calla stands out from other flowers thanks to the striking sensual shape that makes for an exclusive look. Her roots are in southern Africa.

In ancient times, namely the Victorian period, flowers were used to express feelings. The Calla represents splendour and beauty yet it also expresses the purity, elegance, sympathy, sexuality and freshness of spring. The classic beauty with its contemporary character was primarily associated by the Greeks and Romans with festive moments, joy and happiness. According to ancient myths the gods drank from the flower’s calyx. The calyx was also used to make toasts and since then the Calla or Arum has been associated with good luck.

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